Agapi Dimitriou

Junior Talent Acquisition Specialist

Candidates experience a relationship built on transparency, understanding, and shared success”

After my bachelor’s degree in Psychology, I gained valuable experience in Greece as an HR assistant. I decided that l wanted to improve my knowledge and expertise in Work Psychology, so l followed my dream and came to the Netherlands to pursue my Master’s in Work and Organisational Psychology. Upon starting my professional journey in the Netherlands, I had the opportunity to contribute to various projects during my internship in an HR, further enhancing and applying my knowledge.

Connecting through recruitment

I am people-oriented and value interpersonal relationships and communication. During my internship, I also realised that I find it rewarding to help other people and be there for them when they encounter difficulties in their professional journey. Moreover, I find recruitment to be a fulfilling profession because I can follow the entire journey of a candidate from start to finish, allowing me to see the results of my work. Overall, I see recruitment and selection as a profession focused on positive emotions that help me keep a good work-life balance and maintain my productivity.

Value-driven growth

I find great satisfaction in working at QTC Recruitment due to our shared core values. The organisation’s commitment to personal and professional development aligns seamlessly with my career ambitions, allowing me to grow at a rapid pace. Engaging in HR projects reignites my passion for organisational psychology, providing me with a profound sense of job gratification.

Creating value in Life Science means connecting with individuals who are not only skilled professionals but are also passionate about making a meaningful impact in the field. As a recruiter at QTC Recruitment, I see it as finding and placing candidates who are dedicated to advancing life sciences, whether through research, development, or innovative solutions. It's about fostering a community of professionals who share our commitment to pushing the boundaries of scientific discovery and contributing to advancements that positively influence healthcare, agriculture, and environmental sustainability.

Core values

The core value "we act as partners" resonates with me because it reflects the collaborative and supportive nature of my role as a recruiter, and it ensures that candidates experience a relationship built on transparency, understanding, and shared success. Due to my educational background, I place significant importance on fostering meaningful interpersonal connections, consistently striving to uphold and enhance the quality of these relationships.

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