Alex Kirov

Consultant | Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals

My experiences from the world of Oncology, navigating diverse terrains from Spatial Omics to 3D cultures through a PhD and an eclectic research background paints a colorful canvas as I look for premier talent.

I find myself in the role of a Consultant Biotech & Pharma at QTC Recruitment, where my main playground is the Belgian job market. My origin story involves a deep dive into the world of Oncology, marked by a PhD and an eclectic research background. From Spatial Omics to 3D cultures, I've wandered through diverse terrains. This concoction of experiences paints a colourful canvas for me when I'm out there, scouting for premier talent in the Life Sciences sector.

Recruitment is my chosen adventure in the consulting landscape. It's a realm where my ability to connect, understand, and strategize takes centre stage. The art of matchmaking—aligning talent with the perfect role—is where I discovered my passion. Whether it's setting the foundation for start-ups or aiding established giants in finding their missing puzzle pieces, the satisfaction is incomparable. My commitment? To genuinely understand each individual, honour their journey, and bridge the gap between talent and opportunity.

Unique approach to recruitment

Why QTC Recruitment? The dynamic environment, the entrepreneurial minds, and the innovative spirit that permeate the office are my daily inspirations. QTC Recruitment’s unique approach to recruitment sets it apart, allowing us to truly make a difference in the industry. Being part of a team that's reshaping the future of recruitment is a journey I'm proud to be on.

"Creating Value in Life Science" is my mantra. It's about leveraging my scientific background to understand organisations and candidates on a deeper level. Daily insights from industry experts fuel my ability to serve effectively in this innovative yet competitive market. Connecting with people and identifying the best talent is my way of contributing to the growth and evolution of companies.

Cornerstone of true partnerships

Among the four fundamental values of QTC Recruitment, I hold "Acting as Partners" in the highest regard. Transparent and candid communication defines my professional interactions. Clarity, I believe, is the cornerstone of true partnerships. So, here's to navigating the nexus of science and recruitment, where every day brings a new adventure, a new connection, and a step closer to reshaping the future.

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