Bob Sprangers

Associate | MedTech & Diagnostics

“My education and experience give me a good understanding of the Life Science industry.”

During my study in medical imaging and radiotherapy, I was the first MBRT student in my education to do an internship at a commercial company in the Life Science industry. Throughout my internship, I discovered that I have a strong interest in the technology behind medical devices and that I get energy from applying that knowledge to provide adequate care to people. I continued my interest in the technology and application of medical imaging equipment while working as a diagnostic radiographer. My interest turned out to be bigger than just medical imaging equipment and that’s why I started looking for a new challenge.

This turned out to be recruitment. And, within recruitment, I am challenged every day to keep up with innovations within medical devices and Diagnostics. This challenge ensures me that I am not only engaged in these areas of interest but in much more.

Developments and innovations

The aspect that really attracts me to QTC Recruitment is that I can develop myself here. This is important because Life Science is a very innovative industry. The space QTC Recruitment offers to develop myself allows me to keep up with the innovations within Life Science and so I can deliver the best possible service.

I can add value to the Life Science industry as an associate because of my work experience and education background. This gives me an additional insight to support organisations and professionals in the recruitment process. With this knowledge I am still Creating value in Life Science although I no longer work in the Life Science industry as a radio diagnostic lab technician.

Sharing experience

The core value that suits me best is "Strive for growth". My educational background and work experience gave me a good idea of what it is like to work in the Life Science industry. I like to share this experience with my colleagues so that we get an even better view of our organisations and professionals.

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