Caro Hamacher

Coordinator | Marketing

"Recruitment can offer a solution"

"After I completed my studies, I worked as a Marketing Coordinator for some years in the fashion industry and after that at a healthcare organisation in marketing and communication. I believe in gaining experience in different sectors. This way you can make a better judgement of what suits you, plus you get to work with different people with different views on the world. Regarding working skills, I think you can often translate your knowledge easily to a different sector.

I value a certain social aspect or purpose in my work, no matter how small. I see recruitment as that one ‘push’ or guidance for a professional to make a certain career move or to take a leap of faith. Life consists of many chapters, not all chapters have to be the same. When it comes to organisations, adding a certain talent or losing one can affect a team’s dynamics. Recruitment can offer a solution.

Major impact

I work at QTC Recruitment because it operates in the Life Science industry. The organisations QTC Recruitment works with often have a major impact on people’s lives. Think of developing a vaccine or creating software to detect cancer. Getting the best fitting professional as quickly as possible can make a huge difference for a patient or the environment. For specialists, there is just so much out there! We tend to live in our bubble by thinking our career can go in one direction not knowing how many interesting functions there are.

Creating Value in Life Science for me means, creating something the world benefits from. No matter how small your contribution may look. Think about organisations that develop lab-grown meat, by offering an alternative to eating real meat. With this, you are contributing to a better environment and all people who are involved in the process are important too from the people who develop the concept to the people who pack the product.

Willing to invest

Out of our core values, ‘we act as partners’ would suit me best because, although recruitment is a service, we really do bring something to the table. Recruiters of QTC Recruitment, as well as staff members, are all well-driven. Young professionals coming from different backgrounds, willing to invest in long-term relationships and in researching trends in a particular market. This is one step ahead of the Life Science manager or professional for whom they work."

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