Hester Offerman

Junior HR Business Partner

"I love working with ambitious people, with a can-do attitude"

"As a Work and Organizational Psychologist, I’m invested in creating a (work) environment where people can thrive. I’d like to help others find their passion and activate them to develop themselves. My background as a project manager comes in handy with this, combining change management, people management and effectively structuring processes. The main factor in my career is making sure everything runs smoothly so others can fully focus on their job.

Recruitment works exactly the same, we take the work out of our customer’s hands, so they can focus on their core business and not worry about finding a suitable professional to do the job. Delivering a World-Class service to unburden our customers, it needs (and shows) eagerness to find the perfect match.

Motivated and committed

As an employee, finding an organisation and a position that matches your needs and values is such a crucial step in being happy with your job and being motivated and committed to performing. Being able to support our recruiters in making this happen for themselves and for others is very fulfilling.

The team at QTC Recruitment is such an energetic group of people. I love working with ambitious people, with a can-do attitude. Striving to be the best they can be, setting goals and taking ownership in achieving them. As an HR professional, I’d like to challenge others to do the same.

Very inspiring

To be part of an organisation that creates value in Life Science is very inspiring. How great is it, when you finish up at the end of the day, knowing exactly what your work contributed to someone else’s life? Each success story at QTC Recruitment directly contributes to innovations in life-saving industries.

Our employers are making a difference in this world. Their impact on our day-to-day lives is getting bigger every day. To keep up with their work, we need to deliver World-Class every time. Making sure we are the best, so they can be. This drives me to always run that extra mile. And seeing the results, it’s worth it every time!"

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