Mark Plessius

Managing Partner

“The common thread is providing a service at the highest possible level. By that, I mean that service and quality are the key pillars.”

I started my career in property brokerage where I first came into contact with bringing parties together. I found this process so fascinating that I started to take a deeper interest in every part of the process. And mainly focus on the underlying idea of improving this.

I ended up in recruitment through a friend, by chance. At first, I only thought about employment agencies. So, I was quite sceptical about it all and thought: “That’s not for me”. But along the way, as the hiring process progressed, I found out that there are many similarities with the brokerage process in property. In principle, my work has not really changed that much. I still provide a service and I’m still a matchmaker between specialist companies and people in Life Sciences.


After working at a large multinational for almost 6 years and where I learned a lot, I started to really understand processes and thought: “That can be done better”. Driven by the entrepreneur in me, Jord, Hans and I founded QTC Recruitment. The core is still bringing companies and candidates together, but at the highest level of service and quality. We have built these values into every fibre of our organisation.

I think the great thing about QTC Recruitment is that we build processes around the organisation. It doesn’t matter what size the organisation is. It can range from a multinational to a start-up. We’re extremely flexible. The same apples to the type of products that we can offer to organisations. By combining this flexibility with our excellent service and quality, we are rewarded with an average score of 8 out of 10 from our customers. But above all, it is of course great to see that those organisations can bring beautiful products to the market thanks to the people presented by us.


People who are active in Life Sciences often also want to know about the market to understand the specifics of the labour market in relation to his or her discipline. Since we are niche-focused, we know a lot about the Life Sciences market. The consultants working at QTC Recruitment can therefore speak with the candidate on a consultative basis. As a result, highly substantive discussions are held about the candidate’s next steps. This concept allows us to always check proactively with our customers whether positions are available.

What I like most is that candidates often deliberately opt for the Life Science sector and that they often remain active in this industry throughout their careers. We can see candidates contacting us again for a new position after, say, 5 years or so. That makes me proud!

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