Nasma Rahmoun

Marketing Assistent

“I believe that the potential for personal and collective development is limitless.”

Before joining the dynamic team at QTC Recruitment, I engaged in several marketing internships across diverse sectors. These experiences involved roles at a marketing agency, a broadcasting organisation, and a quotation firm. In addition to my internships, I gained valuable insights through an online marketing job experience at an animal shop.

I enjoy working at QTC Recruitment, contributing to an organisation that plays a vital role in an important industry. As the primary link in the chain, we specialise in identifying and connecting with the right professionals. Once matched with Life Science companies, these individuals actively contribute to positively impacting people's lives.  

Recruitment is a crucial first step for organisational growth, shaping team dynamics and serving as a strategic investment. Choices made during this phase impact the team's culture, performance, and growth capacity. Currently employed at QTC Recruitment, I am integrating theoretical knowledge from my international business studies into practical applications at work.

Contributing to the bigger picture

Creating Value in Life Science means playing a role in the bigger picture for me. QTC Recruitment brings together skilled professionals with organisations, we are not only filling roles but also assisting the creation of teams dedicated to advancing scientific discovery and healthcare solutions.

Potential for growth

The core value “We strive for Growth” suits me the most. I believe that the potential for personal and collective development is limitless. In my perspective, no one has reached the peak of their growth, as there is always room for learning and improvement each day.

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