Sandra van Wanrooij

HR Business Partner

“Developing the human capital and taking it to a higher level is the best thing there is.”

I’ve been working in the HR profession for over 15 years and I’ve done so with a lot of passion and pleasure. Developing the human capital and taking it to a higher level is the best thing there is. Developing an HR policy that helps QTC Recruitment to achieve its strategic objectives is a fun challenge.

In many organisations, recruitment is part of HR and therefore I’ve had an affinity with recruitment during those 15 years. The profession has everything, from marketing and communication to sales. Ensuring a perfect match between candidates and organisations so both parties can flourish makes this one of the most fun and valuable areas of expertise that exists.


Being part of a young, successful, fast-growing organisation is the best thing there is. Working together with young ambitious people within an ambitious environment gives me energy every day. It’s what gets me out of bed!

To me, Creating Value means that every link within the Value Chain is important. If every link can function properly, which we consider to be of paramount importance, we can deliver added, qualitative value for both customers and candidates.

We bring Energy

‘We bring Energy’ is the core value that suits me the best. Sometimes you see your colleagues more then you own family. So that time at work should better be good with a lot fun in a friendly environment. Concerning this, living in the moment means that you celebrate when there is a good reason. With this you also train your brain in a positive way, and you motivate yourself. Motivated employees create good results. Both internal as external customers and professionals can feel the energy and enthusiasm. This also provides a good vibe with them. Next to acting on World-Class, a good vibe contributes to better co-creations.

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