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QTC Recruitment is glad to become your one-stop shop and strategic partner for all your staffing challenges.

Combining specialisms and the best resources available, QTC Recruitment continuously builds its network with partnerships. QTC Recruitment’s aim is to offer partners a flexible range of services that suit our partners’ needs, including:

Exellior is a training consultancy specialized in the change of behaviour. Our trainers will help you to effectively use natural behaviour to generate results.

At Exellior we believe that everybody is accountable for the response that you will receive.  How can I make sure that my goals / objectives are reached? And am I able to take my peers, clients, and other stakeholders on a journey to help me to realise those goals? A question that can arise at every level in an organisation.

We train you to effectively answer this.




The QTC Academy is powered by This trainings institute enhances hired candidates’ competencies and overall value to the company. A one-day training that focuses on specific subjects helps them to put learned theory into practice during the first six months of employment. 

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FlexAssessment represents three experienced and independent assessment psychologists: Geja Tas, Jane Kim and Saskia van der Weijden. FlexAssessment offers you support with your cases concerning the recruitment, careers and development of your employees.

Assessments have been proven to be a valuable contribution to your recruitment process; the chance that the selected candidates will match your company profile and culture will be increased. Visit to see how we can be of service to your company!




HEXACO is a groundbreaking software tool that adds a new dimension to the selection process. Usually when hiring new people you only see whether there is a personal connection at the end of the selection process. When it then turns out that the manager and potential new employee do not click, there is already a lot of time, money and energy wasted. By applying our HEXACO test, it is now possible to perform this matching in advance. Due to the test you will be able to get a forecast about the personal click between the hiring manager and the candidate in advance of an actual interview. This prevents unnecessary interviews and leaves more time for actual matches.

Dune is specialized in communications, marketing and online. With over 25 years of experience we can safely say that we’re an experienced player. As an allround advertising/marketing agency, we offer a cross-media package of communication tools, from marketing strategy to websites.

For example, recruitmentwebsites. Equipped with everything that’s important in this specific business field: findability, navigation, measurability, insight in conversions and social media integration.

In short, we know what you are looking for in terms of recruitment sites. So, do you have a concept, enterprise or idea? We are happy to realize your ambitions.




HR Bureau is based in Amsterdam and provides HR services specifically for small and medium sized businesses. We’re specialized in being an outsourced HR department and help setting up all HR policies and procedures which are needed when having a company in the Netherlands.

Our services start with a monthly “basic” HR subscription, including your administrative HR needs such as, personnel and salary administration. From there we will support the business when needed on every level, e.g. supporting with absence management, compensation and benefits policies, dismissal procedures etc. or making an employee handbook, contracts, letters etc.

It’s our mission to show SMB in the Netherlands the added value of HRM in an understandable and practical way and profit from the expertise HR specialists have.

In short we are your one stop shop HR department.

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Within IFAA we mainly work with enthusiastic, driven and experienced professionals. We work together with our clients on the basis of mutual trust and strong quality awareness. Open and honest, direct and clear.

We have a very varied client base within these small and medium-sized firms: from starters to very experienced entrepreneurs, from sole traders to prestigious medium-sized organizations. A reasonable part of our clientele consists of a strongly internationally oriented client base.


Whenever a professional doesn’t qualify as an independent contractor, a possibility to ensure 100% risk-free hiring and transparency  is to offer an employment contract with Source, meaning Source takes care of the contract, the salary disbursement and administration. As a specialist in this field, we are well aware of the latest legislation and can thus provide good advice and let our clients do what they do best. Within our contracting department we are happy to provide you with more information about our payroll solutions.

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Coming Soon. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Jord Teeuwen on +31(0)23-7548660  if you have any additional questions.

Coming Soon. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Jord Teeuwen on +31(0)23-7548660  if you have any additional questions.

Extra capacity on the demand site for our clients, or outsourcing and optimizing the whole hiring process; Source is your partner. In 25 years’ time, we have grown from a small company with a local focus into an international organization with locations in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg and a listing on the stock exchange (NYSE Amsterdam). We commit to find the right professional for the right assignment and explore the needs of our commissioning parties and those of the professionals, in order to offer as much added value as possible to both parties. Furthermore we optimize the hiring process with our MSP Solutions and we are the expert when it comes to Compliancy, 100% risk-free hiring and transparency.

Curious about what we can do for your organization?

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