Permanent service

Permanent Service

One of the services we offer is recruitment for permanent positions. To be able to deliver the best matching service to you as our client, a variation of services has been developed. These are: retained service, exclusive, and no cure, no pay.

Retained service

When you choose for a retained service, this means you will benefit from our exclusive service. Thereby, we will present you candidates within two weeks and you will get a nine month rebate period.


Whenever you prefer our exclusive service, we will present you candidates within four weeks and offer you a three month rebate period. We will be your exclusive recruitment partner.

No cure, no pay

When you choose to collaborate with us on a no cure, no pay base, you will not have to pay anything beforehand. The partnership will not be an exclusive one. However, we do provide you with a one month rebate period.

Interested in a detailed overview of our permanent services? Contact us to discuss the possibilities via +31 (0)23 754 8660, or send an email to

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