Pharmacovigilance/Drug Safety, Farmacovigilantie/Medicatiebewaking

Pharmacovigilance/Drug Safety

The goal of pharmacovigilance/drug safety is to keep medicines on the market safe for use, and to balance their beneficial outcomes and unwanted side effects. You will need a large amount of data on the use of a medicine before you truly know what the different experiences of consumers are. For example whether side effects are experienced and whether the medicine is actually safe to use. With this information a drug can be evaluated in order to understand possible problems and prevent future problems.

Relevant developments

Good communication with consumers is the best way to discover side effects. In the past, people waited until a problem with a medicine occurred. Whereas nowadays organisations work with a proactive approach. Currently, organisations may keep in touch with consumers through social media. The use of social media is not only beneficial for an organisational marketing strategy, it also provides an easy and personal form of communication for consumers. Moreover, it gathers large amounts of feedback. These interactions and feedback could reduce the unwanted side effects of a drug.

Another trend that influences pharmacovigilance/drug safety is personalised medicine. Personalised medicine reduces the risk of side effects by taking an individual’s genes, anatomy, and physiology into account.

QTC Recruitment and pharmacovigilance/drug safety

Most of the time a career in pharmacovigilance can go two ways. The first one is the management route; from pharmacovigilance officer to senior employee, and from manager to director. The other way is the more technical route; for example as risk management specialist or pharmacovigilance scientist. At QTC Recruitment, we are specialised in searching for junior and more experienced candidates for various pharmacovigilance/drug safety functions in the life sciences industry for pharmaceutical, medical devices, and clinical research organisations.

Examples of positions that are regularly available at QTC Recruitment are positions for a drug safety manager who develops, manages, and supervises a team of clinical safety workers. Furthermore, we regularly fill positions for pharmacovigilance officers who are responsible for monitoring and reporting side effects of a drug. In addition, the position of a qualified person pharmacovigilance (QPPV) is frequently filled by QTC Recruitment. As a QPPV, you will be responsible for maintaining the pharmacovigilance system within an organisation. Have a look at our vacancies!

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