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Plant Manager

A Plant Manager oversees all the general operations at a plant. These operations need to be executed correctly so the business objectives can be met. To meet these business objectives the operations need to perform to certain standards and the Plant Manager needs to be aware of these standards. Operations that a Plant Manager oversees can range from production and manufacturing to ensuring the standards, policies, and procedures at the plant are met. To complete all these tasks successfully the Plant Manager needs to delegate tasks to supervisors within the different departments of the plant.


What will you be doing as a Plant Manager?

Since your main goal is to deliver the right amount and quality of products, every task revolves around this outcome. As the manager of the plant your main task is to delegate the tasks that need to be done among the supervisors in the plant. You will have the responsibility of leading a group of people. To do this correctly you need to have had experience in management and have developed the right skills to complete this leadership role. As a Plant Manager, you also have the task of planning the production and setting the targets based on the amount of purchases made by your clients. This planning needs to be done efficiently and correctly since a poor planning will result in a negative outcome of the products that will be shipped off. While making the planning, process improvements needs to be taken into account so that efficiency in the plant can be ensured. Lastly, a Plant Manager has the responsibility of keeping contact with the clients and partners regarding the sales and purchases done at the plant.



Every plant and organisation will have different requirements. These requirements are dependent on the products that are produced at the plant and the type of organisation. In general, there are certain basic required skills and experiences needed for the job:

  • Relevant management experiences in a plant
  • People management experience
  • Entrepreneurial skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Knowledge on quality, safety, inventory and process improvement processes
  • Bachelor degree or higher

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