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Plant Sciences

Plant sciences is a branch of biology which does research on plant life. It is a very broad and multidisciplinary sector that receives input from several areas within the science and technology sector. Next to science and technology, a lot of time is spent on ensuring quality, health, and social-economic factors. Plant sciences focusses mostly on sustainable agricultural development and (sustainable) food production, which is the production of biological or raw materials and the design of crops. These materials may be produced for e.g. the pharmaceutical industry. An important aspect that needs to be considered in the plant sciences industry is that the development of products should not affect the environment.

Developments in the plant sciences industry

Plant scientists need to adjust to climate change and the growing world population. This can be done by developing new and healthier variations of plants. These improvements may be realised by curing plant diseases, which are spread through harvests, and by development of innovative and sustainable breeding systems. These processes concern several disciplines such as ecology, genetics, and plant physiology. Other themes that are currently being discussed within the plant sciences industry are molecular genetics and epigenetics. These mechanisms control gene expression during the differentiation of tissue and plant cells. Studying and improving genetics provides the possibility to develop different, sustainable, and tasteful plant types.

QTC Recruitment and plant sciences

One of the founders of QTC Recruitment, Hans Dijkstra, said: “In my career, I have placed several plant scientists. Because of my experience, I know which parties are active within the plant sciences industry and how to find the perfect match.” Positions within the plant sciences industry are very specific, and therefore require a specific search. QTC Recruitment’s clients in the life sciences industry are regularly in need of experienced candidates who are active in the plant sciences sector. Examples of recently filled positions are an agronomist or a breeder. An agronomist mediates between the farmer and the researchers within an organisation. He or she is responsible for every discipline within the crop production process. The agronomist informs the farmer on new research findings, improved techniques, and the implementations of these techniques. A breeder is required to have extensive knowledge of crops. He or she can focus on the research of the breeding of plants, or on the developments of different types of plants.

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