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Gosraw Kohestani
Corporate Recruiter

“The quality we deliver can be measured in various ways.”

After studying applied psychology, I ended up in the recruitment industry by accident. Now, 4 years later, this is what I still want to do for the next decade or so and develop myself further.

To me, recruitment is a mixture of many different fields that come together. You are dealing with marketing, sales, HR and service-oriented work for example. In addition, you really do help people develop in their (working) life. Creating a long-term relationship between the candidate and the organisation gives me energy.

I work at QTC Recruitment because the organisation stands for quality and service. Our model has proven that we can completely unburden both our customers and candidates when it comes to recruitment matters.

By putting the right person in the right position, we help develop processes that have a direct positive impact on all of our lives. This in turn means that I get a lot of satisfaction from my work.

Act as partner
As Talent Acquisition Expert it’s always important to ‘act as partner’ towards the professionals I talk to and to really understand what their ambitions are. Also, how I can guide them to achieve their goal. I’m always looking to make the perfect match for the professionals I work with, whether this is at QTC Recruitment or somewhere else in my network. The professionals needs are my priorities.