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Quintes Hamer
Associate | Medical Devices

“In this industry it is important to go the extra mile.”

After my studies, I rolled into the start-up and scale-up world with various positions such as Junior Consultant, Manager and Account Manager. In all my previous roles, contact with people and guiding processes were central. This is therefore what gives me the most energy in my current work.

As an Associate, I support the consultants in finding the right professionals for a role and I support them in going through all the steps in the recruitment process. The great thing about QTC Recruitment is that as a contact person in the market, you develop your own speciality. This allows me to gain a lot of knowledge about the latest innovations in the Medical Industry and at the same time act as a sounding board for both the customer and the candidate.

Providing support
Being able to make an indirect impact in the medical industry remains something special. By being in continuous contact with industry professionals, you notice how important it is to have the right person in the right place within an organisation. And supporting others so they can make an impact on the industry in the right place remains special too.

To me, the core value of quality best suits me. It’s therefore important in this work to go the extra mile and to know everything about a person. This is reflected in creating a clear overview of the customer’s expectations. This also applies to the candidate in a role and what someone must bring to the table in terms of experience. By fully understanding someone’s strengths and weaknesses from the start, you can build a long-term relationship with a plan for the future.