Angelo Lolis

“I am constantly seeking personal and professional development, pushing myself to achieve my full potential.”

“My work background is diverse and has shaped my professional development over the years. After completing my bachelor's degree in commercial economics, I embarked on a journey of internships at various sales-related companies. These experiences provided me with valuable insights into the world of sales and developed my skills in that field.

Following my studies, I secured a position as an inside sales employee at a company specialising in parking systems. However, before that, I spent over nine years in the hospitality industry, where I gained a wealth of experience.

Passion for working with people

It was during my time in the hospitality industry that I discovered my passion for working with people. This realisation led me to explore the recruitment field, as I believed it would be the perfect avenue to combine my expertise in sales with my desire to interact and connect with individuals.

Joining QTC Recruitment allowed me to work with that link between professionals seeking interim positions and companies within the food industry. It's incredibly fulfilling to be able to contribute to the career growth of professionals and support clients in finding the right talent.

Focus on the Life Science industry

One aspect that drew me to QTC Recruitment is their focus on the Life Science industry. This particular sector intrigued me due to its potential for making a significant social impact. Working in this industry motivates me to strive for excellence and do my best for both professionals and clients. I am driven by the opportunity to match individuals with the right organisations, ensuring a mutual fit that benefits both parties.

Among the four core values of QTC Recruitment, "We strive for growth" fits me the most. I am constantly seeking personal and professional development, pushing myself to achieve my full potential. This aligns perfectly with QTC Recruitment's ambitious growth plans. The company's dedication to growth provides an inspiring environment that fuels my ambition, making QTC Recruitment the ideal employer for me.”