Janne Prins

Assistant | HR

‘’As a Junior HR Officer, I see myself as a partner to both management and employees by offering support.’’

Before joining QTC Recruitment, I focused on studying International Business, specialising in Organisational Leadership and Change. My educational background involves coursework, an internship experience, and a transformative semester abroad.

My interest in recruitment is deeply rooted in my fascination with understanding people and organisations. Working at QTC Recruitment allows me to effectively apply my expertise in communication, problem-solving, and relationship-building in the field of recruitment, which aligns perfectly with my interests.

Due to its reputation for excellence in the Life Sciences industry, I chose to work at QTC Recruitment. Being part of the organisation provides me with the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and develop professionally within my field.

Meaningful contributions

Creating value in Life Sciences means making meaningful contributions to the advancement of healthcare and technology. It involves identifying and connecting talented individuals with opportunities where they can make a difference in improving people's lives.

Embracing Partnership

The core value that resonates with me the most is "We act as Partners." Being a partner means more than just facilitating transactions; it involves building trust, understanding needs, and working collaboratively towards shared goals. As a Junior HR Officer, I see myself as a partner to management and employees by offering support.

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