Walid Sharaf

Senior Consultant | Food, Feed & Plant (Sciences)

“I help professionals make the next step in their careers. That gives me strength.”

Before I started at QTC Recruitment, I was an independent entrepreneur in the transport sector for 8 years. During this period, I was able to conclude contracts with large media companies to transport printed matter for them. Companies such as DPG Media and De Telegraaf Media Groep. The common thread in my career is entrepreneurship, working hard and never giving up.

Recruitment is the perfect sector for me to apply my entrepreneurial qualities and passions. Continuous contact with people from different levels in the corporate world means no two days are the same. By working for professionals in the market, I can have a major impact on their lives. I help them make the next step in their careers. That gives me strength.


What I find extremely valuable about working at QTC Recruitment is the fact that we operate in the vital industries and sectors of our society. It means you gain a lot of insight into how the products we consume and use are created and what is involved.

To me, Creating Value in Life Science means I can guarantee the best possible match for both customers and professionals with whom we are in contact here at QTC Recruitment. This can only be achieved by properly understanding the needs of both parties and ensuring these needs are in line with each other.

Core value

We 'act as partners' is the core value that suits me best. For me, this means optimally serving customers, professionals and colleagues and guiding them towards a 'successful placement'. This guarantees a positive and valuable customer experience that matches the high-quality work that QTC Recruitment always strives for and delivers.

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