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11 SEP '23: This organisation stands out as the sole company with a discovery engine targeting specific GPCR conformations. This distinctive approach unlocks immense potential for groundbreaking medical discoveries and developments. They are on the hunt for a dedicated computational scientist adept in advanced Computer-Aided Drug Discovery (CADD) to steer small-molecule and biologics projects from inception to candidate selection. We are looking for a Head of the Department or a Team Lead.




Gent - Belgium

40 hours per week

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As a motivated and experienced computational scientist you will ensure the judicious development and application of state-of-the-art Computer-Aided Drug Discovery approaches to successfully drive small-molecule and biologics projects, from target identification through to candidate selection. Responsibilities encompass strategic oversight, close collaboration with cross-functional teams, hands-on bioinformatics and molecular modelling, and championing state-of-the-art computational solutions. As a key figure in the Senior Discovery Leadership Team, you'll influence research direction, support colleagues, and articulate the computational vision to diverse audiences. In this pivotal role, you will show leadership in their top-tier CADD and Research Informatics unit.

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The organisation is in pursuit of a computational chemistry expert who excels in structural bioinformatics, steering biologics discovery and development. The ideal candidate will leverage AI-based protein structure prediction tools, notably AlphaFold2 and its derivatives, and harness homology modelling software to inform top-tier drug design and protein engineering. Furthermore, this role requires:

  • Deep expertise in AI-powered structure-based drug design methodologies;
  • A robust track record in small molecule drug discovery, focusing on structure, ligand, and fragment-based approaches;
  • Mastery in virtual screening and computational-driven lead optimisation;
  • Strong grasp of bioinformatics and its application in innovative drug discovery projects.

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This position provides a unique opportunity to join a transformative biotech firm, where your contributions have tangible global impact. Thanks to a flat hierarchy, you'll play an instrumental role in steering the company's direction and decision-making processes. Furthermore, you will receive:

  • Attractive compensation with comprehensive benefits;
  • Opportunity for professional growth, touching all facets of the company's R&D;
  • A role where your impact is felt;
  • A dynamic work atmosphere in an ambitious biotech firm on the risk.

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