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4 tips for turning a job rejection into career success

Have you ever applied for a job but weren’t hired? Few people could answer “no” to this question. In fact, our unsuccessful job applications shape our careers just as much as our successes do, as anyone…

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The benefits of using a template for your job advert

The main purpose of a job advert is to engage qualified applicants and encourage them to apply for the position. A job advert must thoroughly explain the daily duties and responsibilities of the role whilst maintaining a positive,…

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How recruiters can adapt to major shifts in candidate attitudes

  This past year has greatly altered the dynamics of the U.S. labor market, including job seekers’ expectations of employers, according to a new 2021 Job Seeker Nation Report from Jobvite. It is predicted that many…

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How useful is a social media check on Facebook for a job application?

As a recruiter, checking your candidate’s social media profile for information which isn’t covered on their resume: not only has it been banned for several years, it also makes little sense, according to Australian research. What…

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How to find your dream job and be happy

Many people feel unhappy about choosing the wrong job. It is worth noting that this is a common problem. The fact is that not all students can form a sufficient number of criteria before starting to…

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In the battle for talent, corporate sustainability can give you the advantage

As the world has shifted to a knowledge economy over the last 20 years, the battle for talent has intensified. The search for quality candidates has become more competitive than ever as employers vie for top…

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