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The game changer for Life Science in Denmark?

In the past few years, I saw the Life Science industry grow fast around the world. And this has its effects on the hiring market. Especially in Denmark. I see that Danish organisations are often in…

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5 Ways to Prepare Minutes Before Your Interview

You know that confidence is key to a successful interview. As Stephanie Thoma, career coach and author of Confident Introvert explains, “It’s important to feel confident in an interview because self-belief allows others to believe in you. Even if you have the…

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How to negotiate a permanent work-from-home arrangement

The pandemic changed a lot for workers, including where they work. A study conducted early in the outbreak showed nearly one-third of U.S. workers were working from their homes — and presumably, some of those workers…

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Burned out? Here’s how to tell your boss

If you’re feeling burned out, you’re in good — albeit exhausted — company: a recent survey of U.S. workers found that 34 percent are more burned out on the job today compared to a year ago. “2020 has been an extremely…

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4 Tips For Working At Home With Your Significant Other

For some, working at home with a significant other is a dream come true; but it can be a bit of a nightmare for others. “In relationships, we constantly navigate the balance of autonomy versus closeness, and too much…

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Mentoring – The most valuable gift you can offer during a pandemic: yourself

I believe there’s no higher value than sharing your knowledge and touching a person’s life. And now, more than ever, that value is in dire need. Our younger work colleagues and young adults are witnessing a…

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