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Hartelijk gefeliciteerd met uw demotie!

Met het stijgen van de pensioenleeftijd, worden zaken als werkgeluk en gezondheid steeds belangrijker. En carrièreplanning. Maar waarom moet een loopbaan altijd een stijgende lijn vertonen? Wat is er eigenlijk mis met een stapje terugdoen?

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Tips for job hunters over fifty years old

How older workers can better overcome obstacles to getting hired. The 12 tips outlined in this article will help you put the focus on your ability and attitude, not on your age.

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Senior female job applications increases by 45% at Zurich UK

Zurich UK increases senior female job applications by 45% in just 3 months with one easy change. Advertising every full-time job as a potential part, job share or flexible working opportunity has increased female applicant numbers.

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5 tips to get your employee referral program off the ground

So you hear everyone raving about the success of their employee referral program, and you want one too. But how does it work? Multinational companies have embraced the concept with enthusiasm and they’re raving about the results,…

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Top recruitment tips for creating a great start-up team

One of the fundamental issues facing entrepreneurs with a growing start-up is when and how to ensure that you build the best possible team for your business.

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Effective ways to recruit generation Z as employees

Recruiting Gen Z candidates effectively is a whole new ball game compared to their predecessors. The fact that they are the first digitally native generation, display a high level of hustle and motivation, and enjoys social…

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