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How to align HR and Finance to drive company success

At most companies, there’s at least a baseline level of collaboration between HR and finance people. Without some coordination between the two, it would be difficult to operate. But the times demand that HR and finance…

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Isolated employees? 4 ways to help them stay happy and healthy

Without a strong company culture in place, remote workers can easily feel isolated. Add in the pressures of COVID — the constant Zoom meetings, noisy households as kids go to virtual school, and the general stress of living…

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Should you take a pay cut for your dream job?

After nailing the interview, you receive the job offer of your dreams. It feels like all the pieces are falling into place — until you see the salary. It’s no only less than you asked for, but less…

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Tips for effective self-promotion

Speaking highly of yourself to others might be uncomfortable, but it could benefit you and your career or business. Positive self-appraisal is a major reason many workers advance to higher positions, and it’s a technique that…

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Top leadership skills to grow your career

Using leadership skills to grow your career Whether you’re looking for your first job or brainstorming ways to take your career to the next level, your leadership skills are some of your greatest assets. Employers look for…

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Hiring never stops: 3 ways to improve recruiting efforts, even during a crisis

Hiring needs are much different than they were six months ago, and job seekers, employers, and recruiting professionals are all adapting to the evolving job market. The 2020 Job Seeker Nation Report from Jobvite has confirmed what many of us already…

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