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Five HR strategies that will occur in 2020

In 2020, HR leaders will be focusing on concrete action that aligns human capital management better with the overall goal of the business: growth. With only 9% of CHROs confident their organisation is ready for the…

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How AI can and will affect the recruiters' process

We hear a lot about AI’s effect on jobs, but what about its effect on recruiters? This article explains how AI can improve life for recruiters as well as what AI can’t and shouldn’t do, writes…

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Have you heard of our communities?

‘’Our goal is to create an experience in our biotechnology, food (sciences) and medical devices communities where people who are interested and/or active in said sector, feel like they are a part of an environment that…

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First month as a Recruiter; Kevin le Noble

Kevin le Noble joined our QTC Recruitment family around a month ago. He shares his experience of being a recruiter for QTC Recruitment and takes you through his first month here. Kevin got to know QTC…

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Meet us in Paris for the Fi Europe 2019

At the beginning of December the annual Food ingredients Europe fair (or Fi) will be held in Paris. We enthusiastically announce that Hans Dijkstra and Ferinho Jubitane will attend the world’s leading food and beverages ingredients…

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Why company culture really matters

Written by Fleur Mahieu – Marketing Intern at QTC Recruitment With millennials slowly taking over the workforce, company culture should be on the top of your agenda as a business leader. Why? Because it is the…

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