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Quality Assurance

The life sciences sectors in which QTC Recruitment is active, such as medical devices, biotechnology, and food (sciences), are inextricably linked to quality. Quality assurance is the systematic process of checking whether products or services that are being developed meet specific requirements regarding reliability, performance, and usability. Quality assurance prevents products or services from being produced or executed if they do not meet the requirements. Most companies have a separate department dedicated to quality assurance. Several years ago, quality assurance within companies was regulated very differently as quality was not considered as a separate job function. Back then, it was an extra task for responsible managers, who used only one quality system.

Recent developments

There has been great progress in quality control recently. As a consequence of globalisation, several quality management systems have been introduced that should be taken into account during production. Due to a number of major quality scandals, companies are becoming more aware of supply chain liability. As a result, organisations are constantly innovating in the field of quality and quality is even included in daily activities.

QTC Recruitment and quality assurance

At QTC Recruitment we are constantly working on innovations in the field of quality as well. We are only satisfied with the highest quality possible. The partners of QTC Recruitment have set up this organisation in a way that ensures quality. To maintain the quality of this organisation, they have developed a tool: personal assessment. Moreover, QTC Recruitment provides a nine-month warranty. Our slogan is: “Do it right the first time, every time.”

We offer all kinds of positions within the quality assurance sector of the life sciences industry. Amongst others, we offer the position of metrology manager. The purpose of this function is to analyse improvements and ensure adequate quality. Other positions are QA/QC manager and QA/QC officer. A QA/QC manager focusses on providing confidence that all quality requirements are met, both internally and externally. Another task is to make sure the production lines run fluently and generate the right output for their employer(s). The difference between manager and officer is the level of authority and the amount of supervision. Furthermore, we regularly offer the position of a qualified person who will have the overall site responsibility to manage all contract manufacturers and finished product certification. A quality, health, safety, and environment (QHSE) manager is i.a. responsible for development, analysis and report of problems. A QHSE manager will also monitor the implementation of safety and environment system procedures. Another position we offer is the position of validation engineer, who is responsible for monitoring, planning and implementing the validation strategy in industries such as the medical devices industry.

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