While at a crossroads in my professional career, I was lucky to be contacted by Max, who had the skill to convince me to investigate career paths I would probably not have explored spontaneously. He also had the respectful patience to accompany my iteration toward my new professional objective. I’m very thankful for the nudge, as well as for the subsequent support he provided once I followed his advice. His patient listening, his highly professional, open, honest and human approach throughout the negotiation period, and his proactive and supportive attitude contribute to his being a business partner I would not hesitate to work with again.


Besides his recruitment skills, Max also has a thorough understanding of the specificities of the jobs he is recruiting for, being able to either answer most questions himself, or to find the appropriate reference persons who can answer them. 


I really feel that in Max I have found a highly reliable and nice reference person, and warmly recommend him.

Annie Komaromi - Independent Consultant Quality Systems - Testimonial. Source: LinkedIn
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