It could be challenging for fresh PhD graduates to transition to the job market, due to their highly specialized research field. For me, however, this transition was smooth since in the final months of my PhD studies I found a job that perfectly matched my skill set and passion, without even having to search for it. This was thanks to Lorin Raats from QTC Recruitment. He contacted me through LinkedIn based on the required skills for a target job and based on the background of the lab where I was carrying out my PhD studies. After a conversation over phone where he explained the target job and I told more about myself, he introduced me to the target company. I did a couple of rounds of interviews with the target company and Lorin was guiding me through this progress, explaining to me what to expect next at each step and how to prepare myself for it. Moreover, he was continuously asking for my opinion about different steps and helping me to consider all the aspects that should come to my attention regarding the nature of the job. He was as well helpful to make the transition to the new job and the new country easier, by providing information about living in the new country, work permit, housing, etc. I highly recommend the recruitment services from Lorin Raats and QTC Recruitment.

Abbas Jariani - Senior Bioinformatician - Vitroscan. Source: LinkedIn
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