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Regulatory Affairs

Regulations in the life sciences industry often relate to important subjects, such as the safety of patients. When new products become available on the market, it is obliged to keep digital records of sales to ensure integrity and compliance of the regulations. Regulations that are dealt with can concern salaries, prices, introduction to the market and product value of certain products.

Regulatory affairs (RA) functions originated after the decision of the government to increase protection of public health. Regulatory affairs protect the public health by managing safety and effectiveness of veterinary medicines, medical tools, cosmetics, and complementary medicines. A professional in this industry focusses on the legislation of every sector in which an organisation is active. RA professionals help organisations to bring their pharmaceutical products on the market, while keeping an eye on the legislation and regulations in question.

Recent developments in regulatory affairs

Recently, the regulations within the life sciences industry have experienced several changes. Especially the regulations within the medical devices industry were subject to big changes. These kinds of changes of rules and regulations increase the demand for specialised staff in regulatory affairs.

QTC Recruitment and regulatory affairs

Due to QTC Recruitment’s niche focus in the life sciences industry, we have a very specialised network. This enables us to adjust our work method to the most recent regulatory developments within the market. We know what the future demand of staff will be and we can therefore expand our network in such a way to meet this demand. This enables us to deliver the candidates with the best match who fit the needs of the organisation in question. These candidates can contribute to the future success of your organisation.

Examples of positions we frequently fulfill are: firstly, RA managers or officers whose responsibilities include advising companies and ensuring that companies obey all laws and regulations connected to their business. They coordinate and advise the registration and approval of, for example, pesticides and cosmetics. Within this position you combine your knowledge of scientific, business, and legal issues to make sure products meet the appropriate legislation during the entire process from development till distribution. The difference between a regulatory affairs manager and officer position is the level of authority and the amount of supervision. Secondly, another example is a sustainability manager who focuses on three branches: the economy, the environment, and the needs of present and future generations. Sustainability management is important since it is a crucial part of maintaining the quality of life on our planet by taking responsibility of our actions for future generations.

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