RPO Hybrid

RPO Hybrid

To be able to hire and retain fitting and successful candidates, the recruitment process can ask for a high commitment and number of resources from your company. In our view, these resources are best spent on the further development and improvement of your business. That is why we offer a recruitment process outsourcing service (RPO) which is flexible to fit the current needs within your organisation. Through the relationship built between you as our client and QTC Recruitment, the RPO service allows to save time and eliminate excessive costs related to your recruitment process.

We work with a Hybrid RPO service. The hybrid service involves the outsourcing of your recruitment activities, only when you need it. We are flexible in what service we offer to determine what part of your process is outsourced and what you prefer keeping full responsibility of. Our Hybrid RPO service does not commit you to long-term contracts, which is beneficial when an RPO service is not constantly needed at your organisation.

To ensure the Hybrid RPO service is aligned to your way of working, we integrate ourselves in your current work methods. This is done by, for example, using your CRM system and adjusting the time-frame of the recruitment process to your schedule.

When using the Hybrid RPO service, a team of specialists will be at your disposal. By working closely with your existing work methods and being familiar with your open positions, we will get to know your organisation thoroughly. This will make it possible for us to deliver more relevant candidates and candidates of better quality for your organisation. In addition, our knowledge on your organisation will save you time. Through the Hybrid RPO service, our services are offered at a reduced price.

Would you like to discuss the possibilities for a Hybrid RPO service at your organisation? Call us at +31 (0)23 754 8660, or send us an email to info@qtcrecruitment.com.

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