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One of the disciplines where QTC Recruitment has been a proven successful recruitment partner is sales. Through years of experience, QTC Recruitment has developed an expertise that results in finding candidates with the right characteristics for the discipline of sales. Salespeople do not only sell the product or service to the customers, but also determine their needs. This shows that salespeople are an important element in the process of product innovation. Salespeople translate and communicate the needs of the customers towards several departments within an organisation. Since salespeople always focus on possible improvements, technical knowledge is needed to succeed.

Recent developments in sales

The demand for salespeople has been rising in the last couple of years. In the past, anyone could work as a salesperson. Nowadays, the requirements have become stricter. This resulted in the increasing need for employees with a specific background and experience that matches perfectly with the product or service that must be sold.

It has become harder to fill a sales position because technical and commercial characteristics have become a must. Additionally, there is an increase in available information among customers. Social media, and the internet in general, have become more accessible for potential customers. This accessibility is used to share experiences with the product or service, which results into a better-informed customer. The internet and social media have made the relation of a salesperson and client more transparent.

QTC Recruitment and sales

The challenge in the recruitment for sales positions is placing candidates that have technical and commercial characteristics. QTC Recruitment possesses this expertise and helps clients to fill these positions. Examples of positions which are regularly filled in different sectors within the life sciences industry are: an account manager who is the contact person between the client and organisation, or a business development manager who has a general focus on the financial growth and the company’s market position. Another example is a commercial director who has the responsibility of overseeing several processes such as marketing operations, identification of new market opportunities, and product development. Lastly, QTC Recruitment regularly fills positions for a sales manager who has the responsibility of, among other tasks, managing and coaching a sales team.

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