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Search Proposal


Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to discuss the search for the position of … .



Describing the reason(s) why the position is available and needs to be filled.


What has been done?

Everything that has been done so far to promote or fill the open position.



We are looking for a candidate with the skill set provided by our client, including the following skills:

  • Preferred education
  • Work experience
  • Hard skill 1
  • Hard skill 2
  • Hard skill 3
  • Soft skill 1
  • Soft skill 2
  • Soft skill 3


Yours sincerely,

QTC Recruitment


Search Proposal

We offer a personal search proposal to each client that signs a retainer. QTC Recruitment is able to offer a 100% guarantee for each retained search we do. A retained search means that an initial payment will be made before we start our search proposal. The benefits of a retainer for you as a client are the guarantee of 100% that we will introduce at least three good candidates within the agreed periode of time for a competitive price. If we fail to do so you will get you initial payment back. We call this a world class service!

Overview of our search proposal

We provide a complete overview of the relevant organisations in the targeted area to identify a short list of potential candidates for the role. This will include a complete interview schedule, and will determine the number one targeted candidate.

Project-plan: Time-frame

In order to be successful in our search, it is crucial to have a structured timetable. Which both parties can utilise, to guarantee time efficiency.

We propose (for example) the following schedule:

  • Thursday 24th of August until Friday 25th of August (pre-search): Allocate/identify internal resources (research and headhunt team), and brief the team on the project. Our client will answer the questions for our personal matching algorithm tool.
  • Monday 28th of August until Monday 11th of September: name gathering process. Total allocated time: 10 working days. This stage will be broken down as follows:
    • Identify the relevant candidates at each competitor or closely related company.
    • Profile every potential candidate
    • If necessary, headhunt candidates and understand their motivations, gain commitment, and get their up- to-date resumes.
  • Tuesday 12th of September: Update meeting (face-to-face/telephone/Skype) to discuss the selected candidates. This should be the point at which the life sciences and affiliated markets have been mapped, a short list will be presented for the interview process.
  • Thursday 14th and Friday 15th September: First stage interview process will begin.
  • Wednesday 20th and Thursday the 21th of September: Second stage interview process will begin.
  • Friday 22nd of September: Assessment for the number one candidate.
  • Offer on Tuesday 26th of September
  • Post-resignation: Keep in touch with the selected candidate during gardening leave ensure he/she is kept ‘warm’ until start date, and not poached for any other opportunity.
  • Post start-date: Face-to-face meeting to discuss the overall process.
  • Start date 1st of November or December, depending on the notice periode of the candidate.


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