Tip #1

Tips for a better resume

There are a lot of different opinions on what the best choices are for your resume. Here are a few general tips that can help you improve your resume.

First of all, to validate every input on your resume, ask yourself the question whether it is relevant for the job you are applying for. To validate every position and certificate on your resume, answer the question ‘so what?’. When asking this question for the experiences you mention on your resume, it will make you realise whether an experience is relevant for the position you are applying for. When you can answer the question ‘so what?’ with a valid answer, it shows that the experience is relevant for the position.

Secondly, using colours and different fonts looks nice, but it does not have any influence on being hired or not. The different colours and fonts will actually make your resume harder to read and scan, which is an extra step that a manager is sometimes not willing to take. Resumes that are not saved in a Word format also require more time and effort for processing. When a resume is not sent in a Word format it is harder to process it in the CRM-system. Furthermore, the header has to include all your relevant contact information. It must be clear for the hiring manager how he or she can contact you. Therefore, a telephone number is very important since this is the most preferred way of contact.

Since your resume is looked at very quickly before a decision is made, whether you are relevant or not, it is important to include the information you would like the hiring manager to know at the top of the resume. Just put everything that you want to be read in the top half of your resume and do not be afraid to show off! Moreover, as the world is becoming more and more digital, it can be very advantageous to add certain keywords to your resume. This will make your resume easy to find in a digital environment.

Overall, make your resume as easy to read as possible and include your relevant contact information. Add the most relevant experiences at the top of your resume and validate these experiences by asking yourself if they are relevant for the position you are applying for.


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