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Tips for the best dress code during a job interview

When attending a job interview, your outfit is extremely important. The outfit you wear can make or break the outcome of the interview. Your style shows the interviewer who you are as a person and therefore you can easily be judged based on what you wear. Since every company has a different company culture, there are several ways to dress for a job interview.

Women’s professional attire: solid colour, moderate shoes, limited jewellery, neat hairstyle. Men’s professional attire: solid colour, professional shoes, limited jewellery, and a briefcase or portfolio.

Corporate dressing is a must within certain industries such as accounting, government, medicine, and law. This dress code implies that a conservative business suit is expected. For men, this is a suit with a solid colour, professional shoes, and a briefcase or portfolio. For women, a pantsuit or skirt suit is expected, including tights.

Business casual is another style which can be worn to an interview. This style is often seen in organisations that have a more relaxed company culture, but still require a professional look. These organisations are often part of creative industries. For men, business casual means a collared shirt with dress pants or khakis. For women, dress pants or skirt with a conservative shirt or sweater is expected. Small statements that could reflect your personality are accepted within this style.

A complete casual look is also seen in certain job interviews. This look is the only one that accepts jeans. Although it is a casual look, this does not imply that your look is not neat and clean. Therefore, it is important to wear ironed clothes without any spots or dirt. Looking neat with jeans means wearing a nice blouse or sweater for women, and wearing a nice polo for men.

Considering all the different styles, it can be concluded that it is important to be aware of the expected style at the company in question, and of course to wear clean clothes. The styles are very different from one another, so wearing the wrong style will probably be noticed. It is not an odd thing to ask your contact person within the organisation what the expected style is. Besides, information on the company culture can often be found on the internet or on the social media profiles of the company.


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