Tip #3

Things you should not say/mention during an interview

The quickest way to be eliminated from consideration for a job is because of interview blunders. Things you should not say/mention during an interview are phrases such as: “like” “I think” and “you know” or that you are a: “fast-learning”, “hardworking”, and “self-motivated” person.

It is important to show your personality during an interview, but avoid blunders that possibly hurt your personality.

These questions are common deal-breaker questions: “What kind of benefit package do you offer?” You must show you want the job, no matter the salary or extra benefits. This question may imply that all you care about is money, instead of working hard. The right moment to discuss the salary is when you get an offer.

Another question you might want to avoid is “What are the working hours?”. Nowadays managers do not want a 9-till-5 mentality. Thus, when they hear this question the candidate will probably not be the right fit. You should show that you are interested in working for this organisation instead of being interested in time.

The last question you should not ask is “What kind of company is this?”. This question is obviously wrong as the last thing you want to show is that you did not prepare (enough) for an interview. Before you write your resume and cover letter you should already know what the company does and what your role or tasks will be.

The ending of the interview is also important. Most companies ask one last question: “Do you have any questions?”. When you do not ask questions, it might look like you are not interested in the company or the position. It might also show that you are desperate and are prepared to take any job under any circumstance.


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