Tip #4

The importance of body language during a job interview

The importance of body language during a job interview is often underestimated. Do not forget to make eye contact, smile, sit up straight, and mind your speed of speaking.

During an interview it is important to send the right message with your body language. It is not good if your words say something different then your body. Most of the time people do not even realise their mistakes in body language. However, this can often lead to false negative impressions. You can, for example, seem dishonest, nervous, or aggressive.

Tips for the perfect body language

Most firms appreciate a firm grip when they shake hands with you. However, do not squeeze the other person’s hand. A very loose handshake is thought of as unimpressive, and a sweaty handshake implies nervousness. You can practice your handshake with friends and make sure it is perfect during your interview.

You can also focus on other non-verbal messages you send. Firstly, respect other’s personal space. It is advised to sit or stand not less than one meter and not more than three meters away from your recruiter or speaking partner. Secondly, avoid things you do out of habit or boredom. These things could be: rubbing your hands or playing with your hair. Lastly, do not look tired. Instead, you should seem energetic and enthusiastic. One thing you can do to prevent looking tired is sitting up straight. If you don’t sit straight you might seem tired and have low energy. Also, sit in your chair like you own it: relax your arms and let them rest at your sides.

Hopefully you now got an idea of how you give the best impression during an interview now. Do not forget that practice makes perfect. So, use a mirror or practice with your friends.


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