Medical Devices Vacancies

On this page you find all our medical device jobs, one of the industries QTC Recruitment focuses on. The advantage of this niche focus is that we know the market and developments through and through. Whether they are leading, fast-growing, innovative or start-up, we help medical device companies all across Europe to find the talent they need for their medical device jobs in various disciplines, such as sales, engineering, marketing and management.

If you are looking for a new job in the medical devices industry or want to make a career change, check out our vacancies below!

Is there currently no job opening interesting for you? Just send an open application to We will get in touch when we do have a suitable vacancy for you.

Medical sales jobs

The demand for medical equipment salespeople has grown in the last couple of years. Previously, anyone could work as a salesperson, but nowadays, the requirements for technical and commercial knowledge are stricter. This has resulted in an increase of medical devices sales jobs, that demand a perfect match between a professional’s background and experience and the product or service he or she has to sell. QTC Recruitment offers medical supplies sales jobs on a regular basis.

Jobs in medical device engineering

We have various medical device engineering jobs available. Our consultants are vertical market specialists, meaning that we have medical device engineering as a specialisation.

Medical device marketing

We are regularly looking for professionals suitable for our clients’ medical device marketing jobs. Examples are positions within the sectors of direct, online, product or customer marketing.

Management in medical devices

The medical devices industry faces a time with many innovations and sharpened laws and regulations. This requires organisations to develop innovative strategies to provide patient-driven solutions, which results in a higher demand of professionals for medical device management jobs. Get in touch with us, if this is in line with your experience and interest, then we can see what we can do for you.

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