Chief Executive Officer - Louvain

Vacancy information

Publication date:December 18 2020
Employment type: Permanent
Sector: Biotechnical
Function Group: Management

Function Group: Management / CEO


For a start-up in cutting-edge vaccine development, we are looking for a CEO to lead commercialisation. The organisation existed before Covid-19, but got additional funding to expand its unique formula. The technology is considered a second-generation vaccine and promises permanent resistance to not only Covid-19 but in the end, also become a broader platform for a multitude of diseases. As the organisation is in a transformational phase, it is unclear if whether the organisation will take the shape of a joint venture or become a fully independent organisation. The goal is to have you join during this transformational phase and co-decide as well as advise about the what, when, and how. Depending on which shape is chosen, it is up to you to lead and grow the team, and not only focus on the win but also involve the application possibilities in third world countries. You will work with very passionate colleagues, that are highly experienced in virology, so you do not need to be an expert yourself, but you must be able to understand the science.


In this role, you will be leading a team of experts into a new age via this innovative vaccine platform. This requires you to have basic scientific knowledge of cell biology and/or immunology and commercial experience within the life sciences, preferably with start-ups. You will be leading a group of recognised experts in virology with a deep founded passion for the developed technology and the application possibilities all over the world. We are looking for a CEO that is hands-on, not afraid to ask for help from the experts, and enjoys building relationships with everyone. Equality in this type of role leadership is key, even as captain of this ship. The idea is to do it all together. Building partnerships, experience with venture capital and fundraising, strategic insights, and setting up collaborations are all things you can expect in this role.


The ideal candidate has:

  • Experience in building up start-ups in the biotech or pharma industry from scratch
  • A track record in successful fundraising and venture capital
  • Knows how to lead a team of experts in virology
  • A background in immunology or cell biology
  • The heart in the right place


For your exceptional qualities, the organisation can offer you:

  • A once in a lifetime opportunity to lead a start-up with state-of-the-art vaccination technology
  • A salary between €120K and €200k


If you are interested in this job, or in similar ones, please feel free to contact me directly.

Yvo Selderbeek
Senior Associate | Clinical Research




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