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Publication date:July 16 2020
Employment type:Permanent
Function Group:IT

Function Group: IT / Data Science Manager


For a drug discovery company specialised in the translation of innovative fundamental science into new potential drugs, we are looking for a database manager . This small and dynamic organisation is working with the best academic groups within Europe to transform their research into technology that will help better the life of patients with severe diseases. They work on a broad array of disease indications, such as neurology, immunology, oncology etc. As (big) data is key in their research, they are looking for a strong database manager to ensure the capacity and quality of the data that they generate.


The position will exist both of Database Management responsibilities and extra responsibilities, which will be dependent on the specialisation and interests of the final successful candidate (e.g. computational chemistry).

As Database Manager you will work in close collaboration with medicinal chemists, computational chemists and biologists, to ensure a key aspect of scientific work. Without proper data, there is no room for proper scientific research and therefore the quality needs to be ensured. Therefore you will:

  • Ensure the proper functioning of the corporate database
  • Update and upgrade the database (in collaboration with third party service providers)
  • Register new chemical compounds
  • Support biological data upload
  • Support the scientists for data reviewing purposes, data analysis and data curation
  • Propose, develop and/or implement new tools for data analysis
  • Develop/implement electronic notebooks (ELN) capabilities
  • Responsible for data transfer with different collaborators (academics and corporate)
  • Design ad hoc queries to retrieve, test and deliver data
  • Establish and write up SOP’s for the workflow


To be successful in this position, you will bring:

  • A degree in informatics, bioinformatic, computational science or similar
  • 3+ years of relevant working experience
  • Proficient in a scripting language (Oracle SQL, HTML/javascript, python, …)
  • Experience as data curator and data analyst


We offer you the chance to use your computational skills in the development of new drugs for patients with severe diseases. You will do this in a small, dynamic and family-like environment, where you have the chance to come in contact with cutting-edge science. You will have the chance to take initiative in external collaborations, upgrading systems, developing new data analysis tools and improving efficiency. Furthermore the company offers you the room to develop yourself into other fields of your interest (e.g. machine learning or computational chemistry).

Furthermore you can expect an employment contract of unlimited duration and a competitive salary package.


If you are interested in this job, or in similar ones, please feel free to contact me directly.

Lorin Raats
Consultant R&D | Biotechnological and Pharmaceutical Industry




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