Director Research Operations - Louvain

Vacancy information

Publication date:June 17 2020
Employment type:Permanent
Function Group:R&D

Function Group: R&D / Discovery Project Leader


After a successful financing round, Rewind Therapeutics, a biotech that focusses on developing small molecule therapeutics within the neurology field, is at the eve of a large growth. This growth can only be continued successfully with an experienced professional in the position of Director of Research Operations. An all-encompassing and exciting role with a lot of potential for career advancement. Is your interest piqued? Then please continue reading below.


In this role, you will join a growing team engaged in cutting-edge research with the goal of treating a range of neurological diseases. As the Director of Research Operations you will have a central role in ensuring the smooth operation of Rewind’s activities, with a particular focus on externally-facing research programs. Reporting directly to the CEO, your responsibilities will be among others:

  • Establishing and maintaining a portfolio of research contracts and agreements across a diverse range of academic and commercial research organisations
  • Scouting for service providers and technologies to accelerate drug discovery programs
  • Managing project timelines, deliverables, performance and budgets to support key company objectives
  • Risk analysis
  • Ensuring integration between research activities across the company and identifying and implementing best practices in drug discovery and development
  • Developing an information infrastructure within the company to support research activities, to maintain the integrity of research data, and to ensure effective data archiving
  • Supporting and further developing a portfolio of externally funded research grants
  • Preparing reports and communicating company activities to the Board of Directors and investors
  • Ensuring effective and efficient day-to-day operational activities and processes in the company offices in Louvain


As the ideal candidate you will recognise yourself in the following profile:

  • You hold a PhD in either the biological, (bio)medical or life science field
  • You have first-hand experience with project management, and
  • You have at least five years of relevant experience in managing research operations in a biotechnology environment
  • (Experience in neuroscience-focused drug discovery and small molecule drug discovery is greatly welcomed)

In addition to the above, you are a motivated, confident and focused individual comfortable in a flexible and evolving entrepreneurial environment. To this respect strong organisational skills are essential, and the ability to establish and communicate priorities is necessary, along with the ability to work under stringent deadlines. Evaluating contract proposals and negotiating terms optimal for the company is a critical skill necessary for success in this position. Due to the organisation’s professional environment fluency in English and Dutch is required.


Rewind Therapeutics cares about her people and will reward them accordingly. You will be offered a competitive compensation package that includes next to the salary, a performance-based bonus, standard benefits and stock options.


If you are interested in this job, or in similar ones, please feel free to contact me directly.

Martin van der Velden
Principal Associate




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