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Publication date:January 23 2020
Employment type:Permanent
Sector:Clinical Research
Function Group:Pharmacovigilance

Function Group: Pharmacovigilance / PV Officer


For an independent consultancy firm specialised in providing RA, clinical study support, pharmacovigilance and quality services for generic pharmaceuticals we are looking for a Pharmacovigilance Officer. In this organisation you have the chance to gain a broad and deep range of knowledge about all of the different organisations that are involved in the development of generic pharmaceuticals. This means you are not just working, you are getting to know the entire playing field of pharma. You will be working in a team of seven people within a flat organisation, meaning you can move quickly and get things done quick as well. If you see something that can be done better, there is the space for you to pitch your ideas and actually change something. This creates a healthy culture which is not rigid but rather more progressive. So if you see yourself working as a Pharmacovigilance Officer, within a team of motivated people in a progressive environment then please scroll down and learn more about the position.


As a Pharmacovigilance Officer you will get to deal with a wide variety of tasks and responsibilities, it’s challenging and offers you the possibility to further grow and develop yourself. You will make sure that drug safety is thoroughly being watched over and executed along the set guidelines, protocols and regulations. This is concerning pharmaceuticals that are already on the market, as well as keeping track of products coming from clinical trials. A quick sum up to not waste your time, you will be responsible for: Periodic safety updates, support worldwide literature screening, timely provide data and documents, signal detection, product dictionaires according to EVWEB-registrations, risk management, maintain PSMF’s, write contracts and SOP’s. So you can understand that this position carries quite important responsibilities, with you and your capability to analyse possible safety hazards, people all over the world can safely take in their medicine and improve their lives.


    The ideal candidate candidate has:

    • A BSc or MSc in pharma or in medical science
    • A minimum of two to three years of experience in pharmacovigilance
    • Knowledge of EU- and national rules and regulations in the area of pharmacovigilance
    • Knowledge of how to electronically submit reports and how to maintain them
    • Perfect understanding of the English language, bilingual Dutch speakers have the preference
    • Skilled in planning and organising


    To reward you we like to offer:

    • A progressive and flexible environment for you and your ideas to thrive
    • A position for you learn the ins- and outs of many different pharmaceutical organisations
    • A wonderful manager to work with, he is experienced as knowledgeable and enthusiastic
    • A salary depending on experience, between €3000.- and €3750.-
    • A range of modern secondary benefits
    • A challenge!


    If you are interested in this job, or in similar ones, please feel free to contact me directly.

    Yvo Selderbeek




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