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Publication date:January 08 2021
Employment type: Permanent
Sector: Pharma science
Function Group: R&D

Function Group: R&D / Project Manager


For a small and unique specialist in controlled substance release, we are looking for a Project Manager with a strong scientific background. You will be part of a dedicated group of 30 people that work hard to fulfil every clients’ unique requests. These requests are largely focused on the different ways of administrating active ingredients with the goal the decreasing frequency, side effects, and discomfort. One of the key pillars is polymeric chemistry, which is why we are looking for a Project Manager with a polymeric background. You will be part of the entire chain and work together with a wide variety of clients, from startup’s and scale ups, to international big pharma. The people you will be working with are used to the dynamic environment and operate on a flexible and creative level, moving with priorities through cooperation and independent accountability. In short, you are working together to build the current success, into even greater success. Due to the size of the company you will have a direct impact on how they evolve and keep growing, what you think is important will not just land in the idea box but will be discussed and democratically implemented.


As the new Project Manager you will be involved in the entire chain of events from the moment a new or existing client comes with a request. Together with the client you will assess the request, discuss it internally, and come up with a project plan which will be presented back to the client. After getting the plan signed you will lead the kick off, work out the details, and create a cross functional collaboration with everyone involved. By setting all the expectations sharp, everyone should now know what is expected of them and what they can expect from others. The team of scientists is professional, but you will help them grow and thus are not just a Project Manager but more a Project Lead. Regardless of what the title may be, in order to help the scientists develop themselves it’s important to have deep knowledge of chemistry, polymeric chemistry in particular. During the project you will be in constant contact with the client, evaluating and finetuning where needed. To sum up, you will play a key role in the succes of the entire organisation.


What we like to see in a potential candidate is:

  • MSc or PhD in Chemistry, Biotechnology, Pharmacology or a related field
  • Deep knowledge and a broad orientation of polymeric chemistry
  • Project Management experience preferred, but sustained drug release experience is a must
  • Strong communication, internally and externally
  • Familiarity with GMP/GLP guidelines
  • Someone who is ready to build, keen to learn and grow with this unique company


In exchange for your hard work we offer:

  • Unique projects with new pharmaceutical technology for international big pharma clients
  • A place for you to really be heard in the organisation, a true opportunity to co-create
  • Freedom for you to execute your work in the way you like to work
  • Space and support to grow and learn new things in area’s which you think are important
  • A salary with a midpoint of around €63500.- gross per year
  • Secondary benefits package


If you are interested in this job, or in similar ones, please feel free to contact me directly.

Yvo Selderbeek
Senior Associate | Clinical Research




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