R&D Director - Paris

Vacancy information

Publication date:March 18 2021
Employment type: Permanent
Sector: Medical Devices
Function Group: R&D

Function Group: R&D / R&D Director


The organisation is a rapidly growing organisation that is specialised in the the field of molecular diagnostics for research and in vitro diagnostics we are looking for an R&D Director.


In order to be successful in this position the main missions are:

  • Managing the R&D Department and give Scientific guidance
  • Collaborate with the CEO and his scientific council on critical decisions, action plans and directions to be taken
  • Ensure close collaboration with the international scientific community
  • Participate in the innovation strategy in close collaboration with the General Management, he / she develops the product strategy of the company in accordance with the needs of the market. He / she organizes scientific and technical monitoring and studies their positioning in relation to the competition.
  • Pilot and coordinate R&D projects. He / she supervises the progress of the company’s R&D projects. He / she sets the budgetary objectives (costs, deadlines …) and ensures the adequacy between the teams and the means (technical and financial) necessary for the conduct of operations. He / she ensures that the projects are carried out properly and reports the progress of the work to the General Management.
  • He / she will have to take ownership of the scientific project, share the values of the Management team and create real proximity and collaborative work with the team
  • Adaptable, entrepreneurial and creative, he / she will have to embody with the rest of the management team the new phase of growth of the company.


The candidate profile the organisation is looking for:

  • Phd in a related field
  • Solid experience in R&D with convincing results in innovation with scientific publications and presentations in the field of genetics and / or diagnostics.
  • 10+ years Experience in the field of applied research, as well as in development, in the field of diagnostics, molecular biology, cell biology.
  • Strong ability to create and maintain a network with industry and academic experts: successful experiences in developing and maintaining close partnerships with opinion leaders.
  • He / she has a strong ability to manage multiple Research and Development programs and projects.
  • Strong ability to conceptualize and innovatively integrate data from different R&D sectors.
  • He / she acts as a leader and has excellent interpersonal skills.
  • He / she has very good communication skills and is very comfortable in public presentations.
  • He / she has proven experience in management in collective environment and matrix structure.
  • Bilingual French / English


If you are interested in this job, or in similar ones, please feel free to contact me directly.

Rick Venneman
Partner & Business Unit Director | Medical Technology & Healthcare




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