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Vacancy information

Publication date:April 22 2020
Employment type:Permanent
Function Group:R&D

Function Group: R&D / Biology Scientist


For one of the up-and-company European biotech companies, we are looking for a Scientist Antibody Discovery. This company, created in 2015, has developed into a stable biotechnology company and they are quickly expanding their activities. Their mission is to discover and develop new therapies and dugs for severe and neglected diseases. Their unique antibody technology allows for stabilising and researching “undruggable” membrane proteins, which opens a whole new world of possibilities for drug discovery screening. Therefore they are looking for a Scientist that can help and take the lead in new Antibody Discovery projects, including the management of research associates.


You will join the Antibody Discovery Group of the company, which is instrumental to the strategy of the company. Your work will allow researchers downstream (Structural Biologist, Cellular Biologists, Medicinal Chemists etc.) to do their job, as you discover and generate “the tool” that is necessary for GPCR stabilisation and thus the further drug discovery strategy.

This means you will design, execute and troubleshoot parallel antibody discovery projects from start to finish. You will use your wide array of skills in library construction, antibody cloning, display techniques etc. to reach these goals. Furthermore you will contribute in the design and establishment of innovative new screening strategies, convert it to SOP’s and train your fellow scientists in these new techniques. In all of this you will be supported by Research Associates that you will be managing. Depending on your success, this can quickly grow to a small team on itself.

Lastly, after settling into the company, you will be invited to join overall drug discovery project teams, allowing you to see the broader picture instead of having a limited scope. In fact, you can expect to grow towards Project Leadership of drug discovery projects yourself.


To be successful in this position, you will recognise yourself in the following skill set/experience:

  • PhD (or similar in experience)
  • 2+ years of relevant industry experience in the field of antibody discovery
  • Proficient in the rational design and execution of state of the art cloning strategies of single genes and antibody repertoires (gateway cloning, in-fusion, gibson assembly or similars)
  • Strong experience in Display techniques
  • Mentoring / leadership experience

Furthermore, you identify yourself with following characteristics:

  • Scientific integrity, solid analytical and problem solving skills
  • Clear communication of complex research results
  • Enthusiastic team player
  • Proactive and self-motivating personality
  • Fluent in English


You can expect:

  • A scientific role with a high-level of independence and a high-level of responsibility
  • You will be able to develop yourself in an expert in the Antibody Discovery field, take charge in the development of new screening strategies, provide other teams with the essential tools for their research and be part / take the lead of broader multidisciplinary drug discovery project teams
  • You will have your own small team of Research Associates to support you in your work, which will also further grow in line with the success of your work. Furthermore you can expect to join a highly motivated team of specialists that is motivated to use the unique technology to develop new drugs
  • A competitive salary in line with your seniority, as well as extensive benefits


If you are interested in this job, or in similar ones, please feel free to contact me directly.

Lorin Raats
Consultant R&D | Biotechnological and Pharmaceutical Industry




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