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Vacancy information

Publication date:September 16 2020
Employment type:Permanent
Function Group:R&D

Function Group: R&D / Biology Senior Scientist


We are searching for a senior scientist for a pioneering biotech organisation. The focus is on identifying genetic modifiers, to disable the development of rare diseases and cancer. They make this possible through their ground-breaking discipline of genetic modifiers for rare genetic diseases. They made their own target discovery platform, this platform is revolutionary compared to other biotech organisations. This company has an international and diverse team of twenty highly qualified professionals with a drive to work.


The company is in the process of initiating a new project focused on finding modifiers for several neuropathological phenotypes. With a team from two to four employees, you will work as team to achieve the targets of this project. We are looking for a senior scientist who works most of the time in the lab. With the responsibilities for the conception, design and the day to day execution. The tasks you have for this project are, planning, executing, analysing, and reporting on experiments.

As senior scientist you are responsible for many tasks. For this position you must know how to announce generate of figures, slide decks and reports for internal and external use, have experience in conceiving and performing wet-lab experiments, have no problem developing and evaluating novel disease models. You are also able to iterate through hypothesis generation on biological mechanisms, experimental design to (dis)-prove these, and analyse results in larger biological context.


The perfect senior scientist, we are looking for matches with the following:

  • PhD in life science field, for example medical biology, biology or a similar field
  • 3+ years’ experience of research in a biomedical environment
  • Knowledge of cellular disease mechanism
  • Experience with the management of collaborations or outsourcing of research activities
  • Can verify a track record of success and creativity in your previous work areas. You have the ability to see beyond the limitation of the field you are working in
  • Can speak and write fluently English


If you are the senior scientist we are looking for, you will have:

  • The ability to contribute to the development of novel therapeutic products for patients
  • The ability to create an environment where teamwork is important to achieve the predetermined deliverables
  • The opportunity develop yourself internally
  • A year salary as midpoint €70,000


If you are interested in this job, or in similar ones, please feel free to contact me directly.

Jorrit van Dieren
Associate | Biotech & Pharma




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