(Senior) Structural Bioinformatician - Louvain

Vacancy information

Publication date:July 16 2020
Employment type:Permanent
Function Group:R&D

Function Group: R&D / Bioinformatics


For a biotech company near Louvain (Leuven), we are looking for a Structural Bioinformatician. By using their cutting-edge technology platform, the company is developing new peptide based drugs with a focus on anti-bacterial and oncological compounds. Their approach will result in a completely new modality. Finishing a series A funding round, they have a solid financial basis and are therefore scaling up their activities. To ensure the further successful development of their projects, they are heavily investing in integrating computational methods and artificial intelligence. Therefore they are looking for a Structural Bioinformatician to bring and successfully implement these capabilities within the company and their workflow.


In this position you will enter the company as the expert in your field and you will bring a new viewpoint and way of working. The importance of this position is best shown by the fact that you will directly report to the CSO. Your responsibilities will be broad and will be both internally and externally focussed.

First of all you will set-up the in-house capabilities. You will join the multiple project teams as the expert in your field, putting your scientific field on the map within these discovery projects. Based on your experience with homology modelling, protein structure analysis / prediction, force fields and structural analysis, you will support multiple projects ranging from APR (aggregation prone sequence segments) predictions, protein aggregation/interaction simulations to the preclinical development and lead optimisation. Your insights will have a profound impact on these programs. You will stay in touch with KOL’s in your field to ensure the company stays on top of the most recent developments.

Furthermore the company will have a strong focus on integrating artificial intelligence and is therefore teaming up with outside partners. You will take leadership in the interactions with these external partners, working closely together with the CSO to define the further strategy and ensure the successful implementation of their work in the company workflow.


To be successful in this position you will bring:

  • PhD in Computer Science / Bioinformatics / Computational Chemistry (or similar in experience)
  • 3+ years of relevant postgraduate experience
  • Proven track record on protein structure analysis and prediction
  • Experience in homology modelling, force fields and structural analysis
  • Strong big data analysis skills (R)
  • Previous involvement in drug discovery


You may expect:

  • To have a profound impact on the development of new life saving drugs
  • To work on a completely new modality
  • The opportunity to set-up and implement a new scientific field in a dynamic company
  • To report directly to the CSO
  • To develop yourself in the field of artificial intelligence
  • To have a high visibility with KOL’s and external partners
  • A chance to grow further along with the company
  • A competitive salary and benefits package


If you are interested in this job, or in similar ones, please feel free to contact me directly.

Lorin Raats
Consultant R&D | Biotechnological and Pharmaceutical Industry




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