Software Engineer - Antwerpen

Vacancy information

Publication date:May 01 2020
Employment type:Permanent
Sector:Clinical Research
Function Group:Shared Services

Function Group: Shared Services / IT Project Manager


For an international auditing organisation, providing top of the line inspection and qualification services within the life sciences, we are looking for a Software Engineer. You will be working on multiple projects at the same time within a team of software engineers who all have their own projects to serve. This means that you will work independently on designing and creating software, from handheld to websites to Microsoft applications. The team is there to provide support and think with you but most of it comes down to you, delivering on the agreed deadline. The way you get there is up to you. Qualification and inspection projects differ from food science, medical devices to pharmacology. You will be part of making sure quality standards can be maintained and exceeded.


As mentioned before, you will be responsible for multiple projects at once and how you reach your deadline is really up to you. Most important is that you deliver a state of the art application that does not need to be pretty, it needs to work. If you need to work in the middle of the night, follow a course, take the kids out or work from home, no worries. As long as you deliver a perfectly functioning, smooth application on the agreed upon date and time. So if this is your preferred style, and you have those years of experience to prove you can move within this type of organisation, then we should have a chat.


The ideal candidate has:

  • Five years experience or more
  • Skillset familiar with: ASP.NET MVC, WEBAPI, JQuery, Angular 2+, CSS Bootstrap and Javascript
  • The capability to perform change requests in existing winforms of webforms projects
  • Any experience with Dapper or NPoco, DevOps is a plus
  • A mindset that is dedicated, hungry to learn and committed to deliver


In return we would like to offer:

  • Independence
  • A starting salary between €3,500 and €5,000 depending on experience
  • A beautiful Belgium secondary benefits package including insurance, meal vouchers and more
  • Space and room to develop yourself where you think you need to develop and learn
  • Being part of something important


If you are interested in this job, or in similar ones, please feel free to contact me directly.

Yvo Selderbeek
Senior Associate – Clinical Research




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