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Publication date:January 30 2020
Employment type:Permanent
Function Group:Quality/RA

Function Group: Quality/RA / Validation Engineer


For a Dutch full-service pharmaceutical developer and distributor on the European market, we are looking for a Validation Engineer. The main focus is generic pharmaceuticals on a wide range of therapeutic area’s which is currently expanding. The organisation holds a little more than a 100 employees who make sure that the deadlines are being met to deliver high quality, cost efficient and safe pharmaceuticals. It is a relatively small organisation, thus you will work closely together within a healthy, family-like culture. The quality and validation team is around 20 people, reporting to one person. You will have the space to develop yourself in the direction you choose, whilst performing your regular duties. It is a very flat organisation, meaning it is easy to make your voice heard. If you have a good idea, you might be able to introduce many improvements and boost your career.


As a Validation Engineer, you will be actively testing all the machines, older models and brand new ones, making sure that pharmaceuticals are produced the right way. If you are an experienced Validation Engineer, you know you will be moving in between the technical side, from the work floor to the analytical side and the office. Every time you collect new data, within the designed parameters, you will need to analyse and draw conclusions from on what to improve, what to maintain and where to move next. Within the safety protocols, rules and regulations that you will know like the back of your hand, you will design the validation plan and make sure the plan is being followed accordingly. When changes to the plan need to be made, you will know how to act and communicate this to your team members.


The ideal candidate has the following requirements:

  • A relevant Bachelor or Masters’ degree
  • Five years of experience with validation systems (preferably in pharma)
  • Knowledge of rules and regulations applying to the field
  • Skilled in Word and Excel
  • You can work independent, accurately and are driven by getting results
  • Preferably capable to speak both English and Dutch


For your time and energy you will receive:

  • Coworkers that will start to feel like family
  • Space to develop yourself and implement your ideas
  • Working with brand new technologies and methods
  • Getting to know the entire European field of pharmaceuticals
  • A salary depending on experience between €3000.- and €4900.-
  • A package of secondary benefits
  • A range of courses and trainings to keep developing yourself


If you are interested in this job, or in similar ones, please feel free to contact me directly.

Yvo Selderbeek




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