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Warehouse Manager

As a Warehouse Manager, you are responsible for running all warehouse processes smoothly and efficiently. You are for example responsible for storing and despatching of goods and for organising the efficient receipt. The goal of a Warehouse Manager is ensuring that productivity targets are met. A Warehouse Manager is responsible for a vital part of the supply chain.


What will you be doing as a Warehouse Manager?

There are multiple responsibilities and duties a Warehouse Manager has on an everyday basis. Surely, it will vary in different organisations. Day-to-day activities may include: operating IT and mechanical systems, planning the delivery and dispatch of goods, and managing stock control. Other activities may be coordinating, enforcing and initiating optimal procedures and policies, preparing the annual budget, and liaising with clients, transport companies, and suppliers. Also, as a Warehouse Manager, you will help with organising recruitment and training of staff, and keep an eye on their performance and progress. Lastly, Warehouse Managers need to maintain their technical and professional knowledge. They can do this by attending workshops, building personal networks, and reviewing relevant publications.



The requirements of a Warehouse Manager will differ per organisation. The following list displays the basic and most common accomplishments and skills you need:

  • Bachelor degree or higher in business administration, supply chain management or logistics
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in both Dutch and English
  • Strong problem-solving and decision-making skills
  • Strong people management skills
  • Good interpersonal and managerial skills
  • The ability to work both independently and in a team
  • Good numerical, technical and IT skills
  • Planning and scheduling skills

QTC Recruitment is frequently looking for experienced and proactive Warehouse Managers within the life sciences industry. These positions belong exclusively to the network of QTC Recruitment’s employers. If you are interested in working as a Warehouse Manager, or any related position, do not hesitate to send your resume to cv@qtcrecruitment.com or feel free to contact is at +31 (0)23 754 86 60.


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