World class service

World Class Service

QTC Recruitment’s business proposition is all about excellence in Quality, Time and Costs, based on the Japanese business philosophies of Gemba and Kaizen. ‘Kaizen’ stands for continuous improvement of work processes and personal efficiency. ‘Gemba’, meaning ‘real place’, involves the working space. We constantly improve our processes in order to bring you something which is truly unique to the life sciences industry, a world class service.

Our extended network of leading clients and specialists in the European life sciences industry allows us to offer a 100% guarantee for each retained search. A retained search means that an initial payment will be made when we start our search proposal. With a retained search we will introduce at least three relevant, matching candidates for interviews with you at a competitive price within an agreed time period, if necessary within 48 hours after the first contact. Failing this, we will fully refund the initial fee. It is our ambition to always deliver World Class Service!

But there’s more to World Class Service than an outstanding client relationship management application and fast, efficient response; more than online surveys, social listening tools and other sourcing capabilities. World Class Service to us means that we offer a nine-months guarantee: if a QTC Recruitment permanent placement terminates within nine months and we fail to deliver a suitable replacement in due time, we will refund the entire fee. World Class Service also entails a truly transparent and competitive cost structure. Our fee is our reward for a job well done, rather than our single aim.

Creating value for our clients and candidates is QTC Recruitment’s focus. In everything we do, we draw the shortest line between a challenge or concern and its solution, cutting away all that is superfluous. Together with our partners we are continuously improving our processes. Our World Class Service includes the following options at no additional costs:

  • During pre-phase, our unique matching algorithm allows us to assess soft skills and personal click between candidates and hiring managers. Decisive factors in 40% of all hires.
  • During mid-phase, our assessment process provides for objective assessment of personality against company profile and culture, resulting in increased matches.
  • During the final phase, QTC Academy, our trainings facility, enhances hired candidates’ competencies and overall value to your company.



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