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“Valuable was the expertise and the good intuitive sense”

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Mark, a candidate for the position of Senior Commercial Excellence Process Owner at an international Medical Devices organisation, looks back on his application process with QTC Recruitment.

Not an obvious player

‘’My search for a different job started online, where I did not search for job roles, but for specific keywords and characteristics of a job role. By chance, I ended up at an available vacancy for the role of Senior Commercial Excellence Process Owner. The position was posted on QTC Recruitment’s website, which is how the first contact came about. So, it was pure coincidence that I ended up here. For this position, someone with experience in Healthcare was required. Thus, QTC Recruitment was not an obvious player for me because I was not an obvious candidate for this position.”

Nothing could be further from the truth

Mark continues: ‘’After a short conversation, a more elaborate one followed in which we considered different aspects. Afterwards, we scheduled follow-up meetings with the organisation. This was actually one phase that consisted of two online interviews at the organisation in the region and a subsequent face-to-face interview the week after. All of this resulted in me wanting to take on the challenge at the organisation and vice versa. After the first month, I could already say that I really liked the role and the organisation. The first impression confirmed that it was a wonderful organisation to work at and within an industry that was new, but very interesting to me. A very professional organisation that still had many steps to take.”

Thorough cooperation

About the cooperation between Mark and QTC Recruitment Mark says: ‘’At other agencies, I ended up in an administrative process, whereas this was completely different with QTC Recruitment. Contact was made quickly and soon we spoke about what the job role entailed. I immediately got the impression that they knew exactly what the organisation was looking for in a candidate for this position as if they themselves were part of the organisation. With this thoroughness, they quickly knew to determine whether I was interesting as a professional. I did not know the organisation yet, but due to the substantive information I immediately had a good impression!’’


Mark concludes: ‘’For me, the most valuable from the collaboration with QTC Recruitment was the openness, the expertise, a good intuitive sense and assessing what the client is looking for and being transparent in this. During the various contact moments, even if there was a waiting period in between, QTC Recruitment asked how I was doing. I found this a very pleasant experience. Especially the transparency and the advocacy. Not just for the employer, but also for the professional. This is what I found to be very valuable. That is how disappointments are avoided for both parties and how the best match can be found.’’

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