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“QTC Recruitment was a positive surprise’’

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Núria, Product Development & Innovation Manager Beverages Dessert & Ice Cream at an international food organisation, shares her story about QTC Recruitment: “When I was ready to move on to the next chapter in my career, someone from QTC Recruitment approached me.’’

The right time, the right vacancy

‘’I decided to put on the function ‘open to work’ on my LinkedIn profile. It didn’t take long before a consultant of QTC Recruitment contacted me for an interesting vacancy which was right up my alley. So, we arranged a call.’’


‘’The first ten minutes of our first call were spent by the QTC Recruitment consultant asking about my life, my hobbies and if I did sports and so. I was shocked. I never experienced this before with a recruiter. On top of that, the consultant knew what he was talking about. He didn’t promise me golden mountains. He came prepared and he knew what the organisation was expecting of the employee. With other recruiters, I always dropped out. They couldn’t answer technical questions about my function, didn’t seem interesting at all or came with irrelevant vacancies.’’

Describing personalities

‘’When I was invited at the organisation for the first interview, I would have the interview with HR and the hiring manager. To prepare me, the consultant of QTC Recruitment could describe their personalities. He knew the managers on a personal level. This way he could guide me by telling me what was expected in the way of communication styles: ‘don’t show what you do, show them what you’ve done and what they are looking for’. By doing so I got the job within the first interview.’’

Celebrations and champagne

‘’After signing the contract, I stayed in contact with QTC Recruitment. A really nice surprise was the fact that QTC Recruitment invited me to their office for celebrations and a bottle of champagne. This felt like the cherry on the cake. Looking back on the whole process, I truly felt like I was taken care of.’’

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