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QTC Freelance Search

QTC Freelance Search

When you opt for QTC Freelance Search, we will provide the fastest service for hiring a temporary experienced Freelance Life Science specialist. They will be introduced to you within 48 hours! To ensure the quality of the process, our consultant will first discuss with you the available position, your organisation and the expectations, and then focus on speed and time schedule.

When you have selected a Life Science specialist, you will be advised on the proposal for hiring him or her. The specialist will be temporarily employed by you. You will have a one-month guarantee on the choice you make. If your choice turns out to be the wrong one within this month, we will introduce you to a replacement specialist within 48 hours free of charge. We will take over administrative matters as much as possible.

Do you want advice about your specific situation? We are happy to provide this in a personal conversation: make your callback request.

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QTC Freelance Search focuses on shifting gears quickly. Before we start working for you, we will provide a tailored recommendation, including a competence profile and a detailed timetable. We will then put you in contact with the most suitable Life Science professionals. You are guaranteed to be presented with one or more professionals whom you can hire. This person will be temporarily employed by you. Whoever you choose, we provide a one-month guarantee for your choice.

You will be advised and assisted in presenting a suitable offer to the chosen professional. After your new colleague has started working with you, we will contact both you and the specialist to see how things are going.

  • Choice of matching Life Science specialists
  • Advice throughout the process
  • One-month guarantee
  • Contact during the hiring period


This speed-oriented service will provide you with suitable professionals within 48 hours. During this process you will be updated about the progress in a transparent and honest way. During the recruitment and hiring period we will take over as much work as possible by arranging all the administrative tasks for you, saving you a lot of time

  • Results within 48 hours
  • Clear time schedule agreed in advance
  • Honest and transparent communication
  • No administrative hassle


Before your chosen specialist starts working with you, we will agree on a transparent rate. You will receive a verifiable invoice. We will take care of the administrative work as much as possible, saving you time and money.

  • Clear rate to be agreed in advance
  • Saves time and money

Look for more temporary and fast recruitment solutions here. If you would like to initiate a QTC Freelance Search or have a non-committal conversation about it, please leave your details below:

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