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Two days working from home still the norm

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The Dutch are still allowed to work from home about two days a week by their employers. Employees can decide for themselves how to shape this through agreements. "Concrete and good agreements have been made about this on the work floor," says a spokesperson for the employers' association AWVN.

"The average home worker - and that is half of the working population - still works from home for two days. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, people like to go to the office, which is also reflected in the traffic jams. Many companies wonder how they can want to arrange this in the future. Some employees just want to go to the office, others prefer to work from home."

International research by LinkedIn shows that employers can set rules more easily to restrict flexible working or to do so. About 70 percent of Dutch employers say they will limit working from home or want to reduce the number of hybrid functions.

The AWVN says that it mainly concerns large international companies that are based in the US. "We don't see hybrid functions being segregated. Employers do want people to come to the office more often for consultations and because it's good for the company culture. But it's not like dictation is segregated to employees."

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