Rick Venneman

Partner & Director Permanent Staffing | Life Sciences

“Our network of professionals really helps organisations grow successfully.”

I joined QTC Recruitment in 2015 and I’ve been a Partner within the organisation since 2019. Through previous positions in Sales and Marketing, I came into contact with Hans Dijkstra, one of the other partners of QTC Recruitment. I started after a number of extensive meetings and that’s how I came into contact with recruitment for the first time. After having completed several steps, I am now responsible for all permanent staffing divisions.

In my career, I’ve always been looking to add value to the work I do. How can a service or product really help an organisation? That’s exactly why I think recruitment is so cool! Our network of professionals truly helps organisations to grow successfully.


It’s clear that perfect service and quality are central within QTC Recruitment. This is reflected in our service model, the collaborations with our partners and candidates, and our quality and service monitoring system. This way, we keep a close eye on how our service is received. I’m proud to see that we score an average of more than 8 out of 10 and really add value for partners and candidates.

In recent years, we’ve been able to build a strong network of professionals working throughout the product life cycle. They’re all very interesting people who really have a story to tell. They’re of great added value for the organisations we work with. As a recruiter, we convey this story and the added value that candidates bring, to our customers.

Core values

Of the four core values of QTC Recruitment, I value “acting as partners” to deliver a “World-Class service” for our partners and professionals the most. This is mainly reflected in my professional relationships by using honest and open communication with a constant focus on solutions that help organisations in their ambitions and growth.

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